GLA:D® is developed at the University of Southern Denmark for both knee, hip and low back patients. GLA:D® for Knee and Hip was established in 2013 by Ewa Roos and Søren Skou. GLA:D® Back was established by Alice Kongsted, Per Kjær, Jan Hartvigsen and Inge Ris in 2017.


The project group behind GLA:D® consists of researchers at the Center for Muscle and Joint Health, University of Southern Denmark. GLA:D® has been developed in collaboration with other national and international researchers with various professional backgrounds, clinicians and patients.


GLA:D Knee and Hip: glaid@health.sdu.dk

Professor Søren Skou, Research assistant Sarah Kroman, professor Ewa Roos, Research assistant Dorte Thalund Grønne and Business developer Lars Stig Møller


GLA:D® Back: gladryg@sdu.dk

Clinician/project assistent Sarah Louise Kroman, Professor Jan Hartvigsen, Professor Per Kjær, Professor Alice Kongsted and Teaching assistant professor Inge Ris